Jody McKitrick » ody McKitrick is a lifestyle portrait family and child photographer located in Northern Virginia.

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Photo by Sarah Wilkerson

Hello.   I am no longer booking sessions so I can focus on my family and hopefully some personal projects. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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I am a navy brat and a redhead. I grew up in port cities on the east coast and west coast and spent much of my childhood roaming narrow city streets in Japan. I listened to fairy tales on records, caught lizards and snakes in canyons, walked on seawalls during rainstorms, and could roller-skate like nobody’s business.

I also moved… a lot—attending thirteen schools by the time I graduated. While it wasn’t the easiest way to grow up, I wouldn’t change it. It made me aware at an early age of how quickly time passes. I embraced the small and ordinary moments and clung tightly to friendships because who knew when or where our next move would be taking taking us.

Then I became a mother and suddenly—achingly—time seemed to be moving even faster. I knew I had to somehow capture these lovely fleeting moments in our ordinary days. For me and my family.

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I primarily shoot digital, but I am learning film and I hope someday to say, “I primarily shoot film.”

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