Jody McKitrick » ody McKitrick is a lifestyle portrait family and child photographer located in Northern Virginia.

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how could i not?

When my long-time friend mentioned that she wanted to hire someone to take photos of her son, I begged her to let me try. How could I not? Just look at him! Look at those huge green eyes and two little toofers! Of course, I wanted to photograph him. “I can do this,” I said. “Give me a chance,” I pleaded. So she did. Little did I know that little man “T” might not be so keen on the idea. He was busy. He was fast. He was squirmy. And clearly HAD.OTHER.PLANS. Fortunately, I managed to keep up and get some cute shots. I mean… how could I not? Just look at him!

Photo Baby T and Dad

Photo of Baby T on Bed

Baby T Photo in Red Wagon

Baby T Photo in Basket

Photo of T in Basket

Smiles from Baby T Photo

Photo of Baby T, S, and D

Family Photo

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Margo - April 22, 2010 - 10:03 pm

Jody — your photos are breath-taking. Anyone can take a good picture, but you capture a tale of the soul. Thanks for the fun photo shoot today!

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